Homeschool Boys

Surviving the Testosterone!

A homeschool site for the wild things in life. Enjoy the insanity!!

What is it?  An education?... a journey?... an adventure!... a lifestyle of twists, turns and trails.

If your sons are like mine.... they are 4 wheelers and dirt bikes, always heading OFF trail.

That is where this site comes in. Find here information and encouragement for moms of boys from a mom of all boys.

Home Education and Boys, The journey of a lifetime.

How to Homeschool - Methods and Styles 

Scheduling - Getting Organized

High School - Yes you Can!

Kindergarten - Time to Get Serious? Not necessarily

Preschool - Love the Little Guys!

What this site will do.....

Encourage you as you raise and educate your boys

Review curriculum and share my favorites

Offer suggestions for curriculum, books, activities, chores, work and play.

Offer encouragement that you can survive home educating a house full of boys.

What this site will NOT do......

Give you a guilt trip if you are not doing what I'm doing, or if your boys are not doing what my boys are doing. The last thing we moms need is a guilt trip!

I will not judge what others do. If there is one thing I've learned on this journey, every child is an individual and every family works in it's own special way.

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