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Hi I am Sharon, mom and educator of 4 homeschooling boys. Loving life in rural Western Colorado.

I have 4 sons... every one of them different. We have been living this homeschooling lifestyle1 since 1996. I can hardly believe that the time has flown by. Even though at times I felt like it has been forever!

Our homeschool journey has meandered down many paths and taken many rabbit trails. If you are just starting your own journey you will find is a perfectly normal and common thing.

I am Sharon, a wife, mother, sister, daughter. And above all a child of God. I am not a certified teacher. I am a mom. I've been raising and homeschooling boys for many years and .....I've got many more to go!

Two of our sons have graduated from our homeschool.  At the time of this writing I have one highschool student and a 5th grader at home. 

I am NOT the perfect homeschool mom. I just happen to be the mom God gave to my children.

What we believe

God has given you your child for a reason. Each child learns differently. Our job is to find the best learning environment for him. Sometimes finding that environment can send you on a journey!

What is a homeschool?

Homeschooling must become more than an educational choice. Notice I don't say "IS" but "MUST BECOME".  If you want to succeed and enjoy homeschooling your children, face the fact that it must become your lifestyle.  

Here are a few definitions I've heard of what homeschooling is....

Education that happens at home. --- This doesn't really fit, so much of what we do is outside the home. Activities, clubs, lessons, field trips, church, support groups etc.

Parent supervised education. --- Although this is true... it is not completely accurate.   The truth is ..... all parents are responsible for supervising their child's education.

If you choose a traditional school setting, the parent is still the responsible party. The supervision aspect is not given up just because you've asked the government or a private school to conduct the day to day tasks.

Homeschooling boys has to become more than just an educational choice. It is a lifestyle. I've seen that term used quite often and it sounds so overused. But it is true. Home schooling is a life of teaching, learning alongside, and living with your children. This does not mean you won't use curriculum, or schedules or do some testing... it just means that your view of these will be as tools you use to live life with your children.

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