Animal Farm by George Orwell

by Garrett

This review is about the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Animal Farm is a book about animal living on a farm who are oppressed by the owner of the manor farm. It imitates the communists in Russia and leaves a strong moral message imprinted on your mind.

books for boys review Animal Farm

The story's setting is on a rural farm in Europe that is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jones. On that farm is a bunch of animals you could expect in a normal farm. The only thing paranormal is that the matriarch of the Manor farm, an old hog named Major, is stirring up a rebellion against the Jones'.

Attending this meeting is several pigs, 3 dogs, 2 work horses, a cat, a flock of geese, ducks, and chickens, a vain pony, some sheep, a few cows, a goat, and a donkey. In the meeting old Major gave a stirring speech on the evils of human activity and gave the animals a set of rules to live by.

Three days later he died. In his stead two brilliant pigs took up leadership and led the animals in a battle that sent the Jones running for their lives.

Their victory shot their moral sky high and they renamed the Manor farm, Animal farm. But, there was a shadow over every-beast as the two pigs started fighting over leadership and finally one was forced to leave in shame.

Some of the smarter beasts noticed that the rules were being changed by the pigs very subtly so that it went unnoticed for a long time. Eventually the rules were so twisted that the pigs started acting like humans and saying that the rules no longer dictated what the pigs did or did not do and that they only applied to the “lesser” animals.

The other animals started to get uneasy so the leader pig trained a young dog to kill at his bidding. Animals started to disappear or as the pigs said “kidnapped by the humans”. Life was not good on Animal farm if you were not a pig.

The Jones plotted an attack with the other farmers in the area. A mighty battle was fought and the animals won but with heavy losses. Since the animals knew they could not hold off the humans forever the pigs met with the Jones and the other attackers and made peace with them.

Then the pigs, who were acting so much like humans turned into humans and the animal farm was no more.

The message this story conveys is that power is corruptible and that communism is being exactly what communists don't want. The pigs portray the government and the other animals the people just like you and I.

This book once read should make you want to stand up against too big government and its evil.

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