Children's Literature

Good readers make lifelong learners!

Good Children's Literature is the path to having good readers. 

The way our homeschool works my sons work through Explode the Code for learning to read. I also read to them daily (or as close to daily as possible.

 See my recommended books to read aloud.

Once they are reading, I require them to read to themselves or aloud to me on a daily basis. 

For this daily reading practice I place a selection of good books on my sons reading level in a box. (Just so happens ours is a reused lego container:0) 

Each day have your emerging reader choose books from his box. Boys like being able to pick out what they want to read. Requiring that his school reading be out of this box gives you a way to direct his choices. Win win for all!

When you are selecting books for the "school reading box" remember; the goal for now is to simply keep them reading and practicing.

You want your little guy to enjoy reading right? Don't make every single reading session a challenge. You don't like doing things that are always hard do you? Let him have fun with his reading too. A balance of challenging and easy is the key.

Keep a selection of very easy readers and some books that may stretch your young readers ability as well. Some days will be especially easy and enjoyable, while other days will be more challenging.

As your son reads these books put them aside and record them on his homeschool lesson plans for the day.

For example Morris the Moose is a VERY easy reader for my son. He loves this book and laughs every time he reads it. For some reason it just tickles his funny bone. 

I love to hear his laugh... so I like to sneak it into his reading box and let him read it again as one of his "school" readers on occasion. This is definitely one of his easy days. And that is ok.

As your son grows and his reading ability develops you can start assigning more difficult books... but for now... the goal is to practice and enjoy. Yes we want them to grow in their abilities... but not every day has to be a challenge.

Children's Literature

Here are some of our choices. The following are books recommended for young readers.

The Great Snake Escape - by Molly Cox

Owl at Home- by Arnold Lobel

Hill of Fire- Thomas P Lewis - this was a favorite with my little guy.

Balto- by Natalie Standiford

Frog and Toad are Friends - Arnold Lobel

Here comes the Strikeout - Leonard Kessler

I Spy a Butterfly - Scholastic

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