Classical Conversations Essentials Tutor Letter

This is the letter I sent to my Essentials Parents for the first week of class. My plan is to send this overview letter each week with encouragement and ideas of how to use CC at home during the week. 

Some of this won't apply to you.  Each community and essentials class is a bit different.  BUt this may give you ideas of what you can do for your class.  

Classical Conversations Essentials tutor letter to parents week one, use this as an example.

Essentials of the English Language (EEL) at Home

Essentials of the English Language (EEL)  - At Home week one. 
Work on memorizing Chart A.   

Remember the goal is to learn the chart.  Do it how your child learns best. Copy work is a fantastic option.   If the younger students struggle with writing so much, do oral drill work. But don't underestimate them.  As the year progresses their writing hands will get stronger and they'll be able to write more and more.   

Review Purpose, Structure and Patterns

Vocabulary – 

subject and predicate.  Definitions are on page 25 of your EEL guide.  My simple definitions I gave last week.  Subject – Who or what the sentence is about.  Predicate – What the subject is or does. 

Phrase and Clause.  These are actually definitions learned in Cycle 3 wk 20 of Foundations. (Look at pg 115 in the Foundations Guide)  I’m adding them to the EEL because our kids have not done cycle 3 yet and I think it will be helpful for them to know. 

Read the ‘At Home’ section for more information.

Here is a link to the motions that I taught for the 4 Structures.
I adapted what she did just a bit and she also has some other grammar included. 

The 4 Structures, 8 Parts of Speech, 5 Parts of a Sentence

Here is a link to an awesome grammar website.  Great for you as the teacher if you want to clarify grammar learning   Grammar Revolution      

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) at Home

IEW – at Home 

Use paragraphs on pgs 6 and 7.  You have the option of using other lesson one pages as well.

Do – keyword outline one or both paragraphs

Write paragraphs with strong adjectives.

 Pg 11 of the TWSS Syllabus has suggestions for scaling up or down.

 Scale down, only keyword outline each paragraph and tell back.

Keyword outline paragraphs and tell back, parent writing down or typing out the tell back.

 If you only outline, try to at least write one sentence using a strong adjective = ticket!

 Scale up, outline and write both paragraphs, then have student find own paragraph to outline and write a third paragraph.

 Students from last year might write both paragraphs creating a 2 paragraph essay. Then add a introduction and conclusion sentence.  Remind them of the Title, clincher rule.

 3 Tickets possible  - one for doing the assignment according to teachers scaling, one for using strong adjective, one for picture.  Teachers please indicate tickets earned. 

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