Classical Conversations is a hit.

We are going on a new expedition this year. (2012) Classical Conversations!

I heard through the grapevine that there was a new group starting up in our area. I hopped online to see what it was about. I've heard of classical education, but not this specific curriculum. (btw it is so much more than curriculum!)

I liked the looks of it so I thought I'd check it out for my teens. We needed a change of pace for them. (ie read momma needs a teaching break) I attended an informational meeting put on by the director of our group.

It turns out there were not quite enough teens to start a challenge group in our area. In addition, there was no one willing or able to be the tutor for the highschoolers. Bummer, maybe next year.

However... As I looked into it, the program looked better and better to me. I figured, why don't I try this out with my 4th grader? I was not really looking for something for him. But... It will be a change of pace for us. And after 16 yrs homeschooling boys a change of pace sounds fun!

What I like about Classical Conversations

Positive social interaction. Don't get me started on the myth of unsocial homeschoolers! We are VERY social thank you very much. But my youngest is 7 yrs younger than his brothers. This would be a chance to meet and play with and yes compete with others on the same level.

I love the curriculums they use. I'm familiar with their choices and they fit right in with my family. In fact my teens have already read most of the literature book lists for their challenge program. They have also used many of the curriculum choices.

  • Apologia Science,
  • Richard Maybury series of books
  • IEW writing- Love the Institute for Excellence in Writing!

It is NOT a drop off program. Mom (or dad) still need to be involved. It is NOT CC's goal to replace the parent or BE the teacher. The leaders are called Tutors. They are there to help the parents, give support, and encouragement. Parents are required to attend WITH their children.

It is Christian Based. They make no apologies about the goal of teaching and spreading the gospel through our children.

Math drills A little positive competition is healthy you know. Ever try to make math drills fun with a single child? It's not easy. If he is enjoying the math drills during CC day, he'll be motivated to learn. High motivation is the best teacher!

Memorization emphasis This is always something I've wished I'd done more of. But something that I just didn't pull off very well. The group will help keep me accountable. :0)

Freedom! I've been homeschooling a long time.  I like my freedom and ability to adapt. With CC I will still have freedom to adapt and maintain individuality. I'll be able to continue picking and choosing great literature for my boy at the pace and level that works for us. There are so many great books out there! 

Jump right into Essentials Tutoring too!

Of course I can't just do anything the easy way... oh no. I had to just jump in with both feet. When our director said she'd be looking for a tutor for the Essentials program... I felt a nudging.

Our director was so cool. When I said I might be interested she gave me some time to pray and know for sure that I wanted to plunge in headlong. After a week or two of thinking and discussing it with my husband,I took the position.

So not only are we attending... I'm tutoring the Essentials Class. 4th through 6th graders. It's been fun.

I'll be adding and updating this page as we progress. Come on back!

For more information on what exactly Classical Conversations is all about, check out this link: Classical Conversations

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