Classical Homeschooling

Based on the trivium a classical homeschooling is a homeschooling method based around the learning stages our children naturally go through.  The stages are often referred to as The Trivium.   The Trivium has 3 parts which are based around the age and maturity of each child. 

With a special emphasis on teaching to the stages of growth, this form of homeschool emphasizes memorization and the study of Latin from an early age.

Grammar Stage - Early Elementary ages. The focus is on reading writing, spelling, math, memorization and study of Latin. Goals for this stage are a basic well rounded base of knowledge. Emphasis is on the what of learning. Memorization and facts about what happened, not necessarily why things happen. Analyzing the why's of learning are delayed until the student is more mature.

Dialectic Stage - Middle School ages Continuing study of the same basics as the Grammar stage, adding a higher focus on logic, debate and thinking skills. Emphasis changes from the factual learning to interpreting those facts and understanding why things happen.

Rhetoric Stage - Teens approximately 15 yrs and older. More emphasis on understanding why things are the way they are, Continuing debate and logic and study of Latin. Emphasis on self expression, both written and verbal format. Debate and speech are emphasized.

Pros Follows natural stages of growth. Strong on logic and thinking skills

Cons Very little prepared curriculum and requires strong academically inclined students and teachers alike.

Classical Conversations - a group option. 

I do love the idea of following the natural growth stages of children. It is true that the younger set can more easily memorize things. It is natural to focus on the basics. Young students are not ready to analyze history until they are a bit older. Teens are great debaters! With encouragement and direction they can use those debate skills and become great leaders!

When I heard of a Classical form of homeschool group was starting up in our area,  I decided to go check it out. 

Click here to read about our trip into Classical Home Education with Classical Conversations. 

As a follow up a year after we started Classical Conversations check out this article.  Here's a hint... we continued with the program for 3 yrs.  Classical Conversations has fit into our eclectic homeschool style. 

As an Essentials Tutor I've begun sharing some of my routines and teaching helps.

Tutor letter sample to parents 

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