Cool Math Games: Plunder Chess

by Sharon

Plunder Chess

Plunder Chess

Plunder Chess
Plunder Chess
Plunder Chess Homeschool Tourney

Everyone knows chess is a great game to develop memory , concentration and logical thinking.

You must analyze your opponent, what he may or may not do and how you will react to his moves or better yet get him to react in your favor.

If you or your boys are a fan of chess... you'll love Plunder Chess.

Plunder Chess adds another dimension to traditional chess. In Plunder Chess when you capture an opponents piece... your piece may use the captured pieces movements in a future move. Now you have to remember what opponent piece has extra moves up it's sleeve!

I don't know about you but we limit our boys access to internet and video games. This game can add an exciting and educational alternative to these mind numbing activities.

Critical thinking, logic and persistence. Every boy needs these attributes.

What people like about Plunder Chess

Large pieces solid feel. Game great for strategy learning.

Highly recommended for any chess player.

It is really cool!

The entire family can play this game. Even my 7 yo plays chess!

Give those brains a workout.

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