Foundations in Personal Finance
Dave Ramsey

by Sharon

Foundations in Personal Finance by Dave Ramsey is my number one favorite finance curriculum for teens. This is a repackaging of his Financial Peace University program that he has recorded and made available as a home study course.

564101: Foundations in Personal Finance Home School KitFoundations in Personal Finance Home School Kit

By Dave Ramsey
Teen friendly and entertaining I HIGHLY recommend that you parents watch this WITH your teens.

I like this program so much even if your teens don't watch.... you should. The program is set up in 4 units with 3 chapters in each unit.

  • Unit 1: Saving and Investing

  • Unit 2: Credit and Debt

  • Unit 3: Financial Responsibility and Money Management

  • Unit 4: Insurance/Risk Management and Income/Careers

The homeschool program is set up with teacher materials, a student workbook, and video lectures.

The student workbook has fill in the blank questions and chapter section quizes.
I purchased a second student book but we found that just watching the DVD's together and discussing the questions afterwards as a family was sufficient. We did not use the second book at all.

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Personal Finance for Teens

Want to motivate your teen to think about his future and how he can start preparing right now?

Here is our testimonial. About halfway through this program one of my teens decided he wanted to start saving for his future. He is now the proud owner of a mutual fund.

Entertaining, Fast Paced, Good Advice for everyone! This should be on your must do list.

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