Book 1 of the Peleg Chronicles

Reviewed by Garrett

Foundlings, was written by Matthew Christian Harding. This story is about beasts and humans battling for supremacy on earth. 

Our book takes place after the biblical tower of Babel, in a medieval period where dragons and super-sized beasts terrorized the scattered people. During this time people of the same language started grouping up and making castles to defy the animals. 

Some of the populace started worshiping the dragons and became priests of the most widespread religion of that time. However, there were still those who followed the God of Noah, the one true God. The followers of God angered the dragon priests with their defiance.

The main characters are:

  • Lord McDougal,  the last living member of his family, is a follower of the God of Noah. People call him Lord McDougal the dead because a witch cursed him. 
  • Fergus Leatherhead, follower of the God of Noah and the loyal servant of McDougal.
  • Gimrack, a dwarf who does not believe in the God of Noah.
  • Thiery, who has a pet wolf named Horatio.
  • Suzie, the adopted sister of Thiery

Suzie and Thiery are two children, both followers of the God of Noah. They travel in the company of Lord Raventhorn, a superstitious man in charge of a fighting force.

The tale starts out with McDougal and Fergus rescuing Gimrack from the jaws of two hungry dragons. In return for saving his life, Gimrack pledges his service to McDougal and they set off in search of Thiery, who warned Gimrack that the dragon priests were going to set the dragons on him.

Meanwhile the dragon priests secretly poison Thiery right before the army is about to move out. Thiery though left behind, recovers miraculously from the poison. He goes into the wilderness to survive in a cave with Horatio. Suzie is heartbroken because she is told that Thiery died of a strange sickness and that she must stay with the army to cook for them. Gimrack runs away from McDougal and discovers Thiery in his cave just as he is besotted by three baby dragons, whose mother Thiery killed Earlier on in the story. 

Gimcrack saves Thiery and they go into a tunnel to find only to find Suzie on the other end of the tunnel being sacrificed to a great water serpent. Gimrack and Thiery heroically save Suzie and travel to an old dwarven outpost. At the same time, Fergus and his master come to a city and save McDougal's fiance's sister from being sacrificed to the dragons. They leave the city and run for their lives as the Lord of that city releases the hyaena for the hunt.

This story leaves you in suspense does it not? It did for me. The thing that sets this book apart from others is that it has no evolution, no humanism, and no magic.

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