High School at Home

4 homeschooled boys, 
20+ yrs experience. 
Why we do what we do. 

Benefits to continuing high school at home.

Home education has turned into our lifestyle1. That is such a popular phrase these days and I don't want to sound as if I am just repeating what "the crowd" says. But is the best way to describe what school needs to be.

This page is about our personal reasons for continuing high school at home. If you'd like to get right to some helps and suggestions on just how to homeschool high school. Check out this page. Home School High School

Home education is not just classes and credits. Although those have their place in our home. It is also daily discussions. It is opportunities that my sons would not have time for if they were in school 8 hours a day and then had homework two to three hours in the evening.

It is not about having a perfect child... A homeschooled student is still just a regular kid. But how much easier it is to be a part of your sons life when they are not away from home all day almost every day.

It is Time

  • It is having the time to delve into wood turning, whittling or take a shop class.
  • It is having the time to build a trailer for our four wheeler.
  • It is having the time to build a website, learning HTML and CSS in the process.
  • It is having the time to go skiing, snowboarding.
  • It is time to work with his dad on our property.
  • It is time to sit and read books by CS Lewis.
  • It is time to play chess with his little brothers.
  • It is time to take violin lessons and participate with our worship team at church.
  • It is time to take walks or ride scooters with brothers.
  • It is time for college classes online... the list goes on.
high school at home

It is work ethics and real life studies

We encourage our high school to hold part time jobs. They earn their own money and learn the value of a dollar. When they want to buy something they think about how many hours it takes to earn that much money.

If they were in school 8 hours a day I don't think I would want them working evenings. That would leave no time for family. Work experience is benefiting them too much to give it up.

It is Learning about the good things in life.

I can't end this without pointing out all the things that my sons would have to deal with if I did choose to send them to a traditional school.

This is getting long so I will not list them all here but just think of all the drugs/ sex/ peer pressure etc. They can learn about these topics by discussing it with their parents... not with their 16 yo friends. Yes they have friends... yes they probably have had discussions with them... but not for 8 hours a day all day long.

And don't even get me started on "socialization". We have much positive socialization! No my children are not isolated.

Having said all this I also have to clarify that these are the reasons why WE homeschool. I have learned over the past years that I tend to get overly enthusiastic about what WE do.

It is YOUR Decision

I truly believe that the decision to do high school at home is one of the best things you can do for your child. I also believe that decision is between you and God.

If God is telling you to put them in school, I am the last person to judge and I tell you follow God! Always follow God!!

But don't let fear of the establishment or insecurity in your abilities stop you from continuing your high school at home.

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