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High school home study can be intimidating. Many worry about upper level math and science. There are solutions to these concerns. Comprehensive classes on video or CD can help you out. Find a tutor or a co-op for your high school students. Online Homeschool Courses are another great alternative.

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When deciding what areas to consider for outside courses or tutors, I suggest you think about your strengths and weaknesses. It is worth it to spend your money where you are not strong.

Help for High School Home Study Courses.


Can't afford a tutor? People in the community often have abilities that they are willing to share. Ask around. Check at Church or at work. Maybe a friend or a friend of friend would love to spend some one on one time with your student to help him through some of these classes.


A Mentor is basically like a tutor. Find someone who has the same passion that your child does. Often a person with an interest would absolutely love to share that with a young person with the same interest. Is your child into art? Find an artist to spend some time sharing and teaching your student. Is your young man considering a particular career. Ask if someone in that same field would be interested in sharing a day or a week on the job.

Homeschool Cooperatives

are a great idea for high schoolers. They love the interaction with other students and moms can share teaching responsibilities. Homeschool Cooperatives come in all forms. From very structured with weekly classes, grading, homework and attendance. To a very loose, lets meet once a month for a field trip day, type groups.

Video or Computer Courses

Many curriculum providers are developing video courses and courses completed on your personal computer. These include lectures, a text book, student books and teachers helps. The best ones will have complete teachers keys not only with answers but also how to get to that answer.

Classes at local community colleges or community centers.

Check with your local community college. They may offer some courses for homeschool high school. Depending on how homeschool friendly your local school district is, you might want to call them and see if they have a program for students who want to earn college credits in high school. If they do they might be willing to give you the name of the person at the college who is in charge of the program.

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