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High School Diploma, Transcripts, Credits

First thing I want to say if you have decided to home school high school..... Good for you! Don't quit now!

Have you been homeschooling forever and are now trembling at the thought of college admissions?

Do you remember how you felt when you first started homeschooling? You wondered if your little 5 yo kindergarten bundle of energy would ever learn to read?

He did now didn't he?   Maybe earlier, maybe later, but I'm guessing your teen is now reading.  You did it!

Starting high school homeschooling can feel almost like starting over. It seems like a whole new world when we get to highschool. What about credits? What about diplomas and college requirements.

Don't quit now. There are so many benefits to continuing high school at home. I can't imagine NOT homeschooling through high school. Here is a page on our personal reasons for continuing high school at home.

If you want to get to the nitty gritty of just how do I do this home school high school business.... Keep reading. I'll go over common worries and their solutions in the following pages.

High School Home Study

High school home study can be intimidating. Many worry about upper level math and science. There are solutions to these concerns. Comprehensive classes on video or CD can help you out. Find a tutor or a co-op for your high school students. Online Homeschool Courses are another great alternative.

Homeschool Diplomas

It is very possible and even easy to issue your own diploma. Here is why, and a few sample diplomas

Homeschool Transcripts a Credits

Homeschool transcripts are every bit as important and valid as any accredited transcript. Here is what should be included and methods to maintain and develop a transcript for your student. If the idea of record keeping is stopping you. Don't let it!!

Homeschooling Online

Online courses are a great way to complete some upper level courses. These can run from free, to very expensive with grading and college credits included.

Study for Clep Tests.

These tests are a great way to get high school and college credits all at the same time. Intensive study for a period of time on a single test then move on to the next.

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