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Home School Physical Education is a sanity saver for moms of boys. Boys of any age have WAY too much energy and really need to move each and every day.

Especially as they enter the teen years homeschool boys start noticing when muscles are growing (or not growing!) It is a good idea to have them set individual goals for themselves. Daily physical activity makes for a much happier boy!

Setting goals is great for any kid. But for those who tend to be couch potatoes or live in a situation where outside activity is not as readily available. It is a fantastic way to be sure your boys are moving each and everyday.

Be realistic. When you make goals for your children or if your teens are making goals for themselves, they should be challenging, but attainable.

Write it down. If you are like us. We always say, "we need to do push ups, sit ups, and some running everyday." But .... it just always gets forgotten.

Make a chart.Then put it where you can see it every day. Maybe on the fridge or with their regular schoolwork schedules.

Here is a sample chart with some activities already filled in for ideas. This chart will track basic activities for one month.

Homeschool PE Chart

I've also downloaded a blank chart that you are free to print up and write in your own activites. 

Homeschool PE Chart - blank.

Write the dates down the side column on these charts. Fill in the number, or miles, or time, of the activity depending on what is appropriate.

Keep it simple. Goals should be measurable. For instance your sons home school physical education goals might look like this:

  • I'll do 10 pushups everyday for a week then do 15 everyday for the next 2 weeks.
  • I'll run one mile 3 days a week and ride my bike 5 miles 2 days a week.
  • I'll shoot hoops for 1 hour every day.
  • I'll practice on my punching bag for 1/2 hour everyday. (Punching bags make great Christmas presents!)

Re-evaluate on occasion. Set a goal for a month. Evaluate and decide is the activity enough? If so just keep doing it. Is it too easy? Great you are getting stronger! Up the numbers or miles. This is a great tool for realizing growth.

Just the other morning my 15 yo said he was looking back in his journal where he records his exercises. He was pretty excited to see that he was doing more of each type. Very motivating for him.

Pull up bars are a wonderful thing for boys of any age. My husband simply hung a bar up in our carport. We keep a step ladder there for our littlest boy to be able to reach and do his own pull ups.

There are also pull up bars available that hang over a door if you don't have a convenient place to hang one.

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