Home School Physical Education Game

Here is a game for home school physical education that my oldest son brought home with him on his last visit. For this game all you need is boys, a deck of cards, and a space on the floor for each boy to exercise without running into each other.

They will be doing push-ups and sit-ups. Depending on how many boys you have playing, this can be played in a largish living room or family room. It could also be done out in the yard. Just be sure there is enough room so one boys elbows don't end up in someone else's face.

Home School PE right in the living room!

The first thing to do is deal out the entire deck of cards evenly to each boy. There is no discard pile.

Our 4 boys used 1 deck of cards. If you are playing this with a larger group you may want to use more decks. Or if you have especially competitive boys who really need a workout, add another deck. More cards per boy means more exercise.

This game is a race, everybody starts at the same time. The first one to get through his stack of cards wins. Someone yells go! Then each boy turns over the first card in his deck. If it is a red card they do push ups, if it is a black card they do sit ups. Perform the number of pushups/situps on the card.

For instance if they turn over a 4 of hearts, that boys does 4 push ups. If it is a 6 of clubs, that boy does 6 sit ups. Everyone may be doing a different exercise at the same time. You can decide what to do with face cards.

I believe my boys counted all face cards as 10. You could also count jacks as 11, queens as 12 and kings as 13. If you have younger boys playing who might get confused with the face cards, just pull them out of the deck and deal only cards with one through 10.

With all boys doing sit ups and push ups at the same time this is a fast paced game. The best part is my little 7 year old can play along with his big brothers. As long as they can read the card... they can play.

Lots of fun!

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