Learning Math Software: Quarter Mile Math

Learning Math Software: Quarter Mile Math is one of the programs that has more math and less game. I like it!

Math drills can be a chore. At first you can make it fun with flash cards but unless you mix it up with games, it is about impossible to keep boys motivated.

Learning math software can be a great way to add variety. However, many many computerized math drill games are a bit short on the drill and heavy on the game. Quarter mile math is one of the few math drill games that I like. This is mainly because there is actual math involved.

This is a racing game. Your student can choose to be a race car or a horse. They choose the level of drills to be drilled on. As fast as the boys answer questions correctly the faster thier vehicle (or animal) goes. They can compete against each other or against the computer.

My boys enjoyed the game and loved competing against each other. My only job was to be sure they were working with problems at thier own level. Occasionally I'd notice that they were choosing levels way too easy. It is still good review, but I also wanted to be sure they were drilling harder levels as well.

Quarter Mile Math is offered in several packs of different grade levels. Choose the one that fits with your childrens ages.

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