A Home School Schedule for the daily tasks. 

If you will organize your day with a daily home school schedule or routine you will actually feel the freedom to go off track when the occasion arises.  Keep your sanity! You are a busy person I know you are. 

A schedule = peace, really it does.  This can be in several different formats.

  • A structured day with specific starting and ending times for each activity.
  • A flexible routine that changes a bit from day to day. (our preference)
  • A loose structure that is never the same.

Caution needs to be taken when planning (or not planning).  In our house when we do not follow our routines for too many days, chaos seems to take hold. I get frazzled, kids get lazy or grumpy and not much gets done. 

A plan gives us the freedom to explore and not lose our way. 

The Daily Routine

This type of home school schedule is a simple routine. School work doesn't start at a specific time. Rather a routine is planned out and followed each day. Specific starting times may vary a bit from day to day. But the routine is the same.

The day is planned according to blocks of time that follow each other... but may not start exactly at a certain time.

In addition, different days may include different blocks of time. Days with lessons outside the home will look different than days spent entirely at home.

For example, your day may start with chores then breakfast. Then the kids do their math, Then independent reading. Then lunch. Then an outdoor activity or more chores. Following that Another study time and then free time for all.

These blocks of time may be designated to individual subjects for instance the mornings must include math and English, Science and History will follow lunch.

These are all just examples. Your family will have to develop it's own routines. If you just simply don't know where to start. Try just plunging in and create your ideal routine. Live with it for a week, evaluate and then switch things up if needed.

Remember that there will be days that just don't go as planned, expect them! Live through them and start over the next day.

Our example: My older boys know that after breakfast, I (or their dad) may have a few chores for them to do. After that they are expected to get school started.

At the time this article is written we are at a point in our home school where the older boys work more independently. They used to do a lot more with me and together with each other. But now my role is pretty much a supervisory one. They know what needs to be done each week and they work on it after chores. Of course when dad is home he can interrupt at any time. :0)

The youngest boy and I do his schoolwork after breakfast clean up. Most days this does not take much time and it is a treasure for both of us. I get to snuggle on the couch with him and reread some of the books I read to his older brothers.

Structured or Traditional Home School Schedule

 You can also structure your day more traditionally with definite starting and ending times. You might plan breakfast and then math immediately following at say... 9:00. One hour later you switch subjects and move on to English. An hour after that take a break and then start Science. I think you get the idea.

Each day looks the same and the children know exactly what will come next. The best book I have seen for creating a more structured daily home school schedule is a book referred to as MOTH. Managers of Their Homes by Teri Maxwell. 

Other Scheduling Ideas

Home School Schedule Focusing on a Few Subjects at a Time. You may have a child that would do better to concentrate on a single subject for an extended period of time.

For example all history reading might be done in one day. All English and writing on another with science on it's own day.

The only subject this would be difficult with is math. I think 5 hours of math in one day would cause ones head to explode! Plus this is a skill that needs to be practiced more often in smaller chunks. There are occasional exceptions to this rule but the closer you stick to daily with math the better.

The beauty of this type of weekly home school schedule is the boys work at their own pace...the boys are happy and learning to manage their time. Because I schedule the weekly blocks, I know that the overall pace is moving at an acceptable rate, the mom is happy!

Home School Schedule with Alternating Subjects. You may want to set up your home school schedule alternating between subjects. Math and English (language arts) are done throughout the year but focus on Science for a one semester and History for another. This keeps things fresh and new. You may even have a one semester course that you focus on and finish in a few weeks.

Working at nontraditional times of day. There may be seasons when it makes more sense to plan the school part of your day in the afternoon or even in the evening. During the summer afternoons here are hot, dry and windy, a perfect time to be indoors out of the sun. It may be that work schedules simply make evenings a better more consistent time to do book work.

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