Home School Science Curriculum

Our favorite home school science curriculum, books, videos, audio.

Click here for more on How to teach Science. Encouragement to keep it fun and follow interests. Got a bug lover? Study bugs. Is your little guy more into mechanics or electronics? Kits have fun activities. (and can double for great birthday presents!)

Favorite Home School Science Curriculum

 Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers - These books are a fun introduction to the worlds of nature.  From 

Apologia Science Curriculum - Possibly my favorite science. Described as textbooks... they don't read like it. Hands on activities plus narration and note-booking suggestions. Unlike most science texts these books focus on one topic each year. Apologia Science Curriculum - Young Explorer Series Elementary Science

Home School Science Videos: Planet Earth DVD- We have been watching the BBC Planet Earth series. I have been VERY pleasantly surprised. These are wonderfully well done nature videos. 

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