Home Schooling Kindergarten

Home schooling kindergarten boys? Ready to dive in to the books? Great. Is your child ready?

That is the very first question you need to really consider. Is your little 5 or 6 year old boy ready to begin the task of learning to read and count. If he is, fantastic go for it. Now consider something else, is diving into several hours of worksheets on a daily basis really the method to use?

When home schooling kindergarten or preschool I firmly believe that the very best early academics your children can access is YOU.

Your responses to your children teach them much more than any workbook. For more on this read homeschool preschool and kindergarten

There are some children who are ready at young ages to dive in learn to read. Possibly he has older siblings who are doing school and he wants to do what the big kids are doing. He is learning by example.

If he is asking for it, by all means teach him what he is asking for.

However, restrain your parental ego... don't push him. Remember you have 12 more years to teach this child. If you are taking the time to read this page and research home schooling kindergarten , I can assume you will be an active and interested parent. If you are active and interested... he will learn to read before he leaves your home.

I've been blessed. All my sons started learning to read at approximately ages 6-7. I've not had to deal with a REALLY late bloomer. But I've also not had a boy who adored reading at age 5.

There is a time and a place for getting help if your boy is truly trying but simply not getting it. At age 5 or 6 .... most likely it is just a case of boy syndrome. They'd much rather do ANYTHING but sit still.

That is OK. Do a little bit each day, but don't overdo it. Let him move, dig and crash as much as he can.

When to worry.... or not. 

 If you have been successfully home schooling kindergarten and using book work with your little man, he may have a bad day now and again... there may be days where they need to man up and just get it done.

I've had those days with my own sons. However recognize that if you are having days and weeks of tears and frustration there may be a reason.  He may just be overwhelmed... or bored.  Don't stress too much yet. 

Kindergarten Curriculum

Here are my picks for home schooling kindergarten curriculum and parent resources. IF your student is ready for bookwork. :0)

We had a great experience with the Explode the Code curriculum series. 

If you are just starting to work on learning letter recognition and sounds start with these primers. 

Best for the littlest guys!

Take a look at The Explode the Code Series if he already knows his letters and is ready to start combining sounds and reading words.

Great for beginning readers!

We combine the Explode the Code series with, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. (link just below)

Isn't that the worst name for a book? It sounds like one of those TV infomercials where they promise a lot but you wonder about the delivery.

However!! Even though the book title leaves something to be desired... we have had GREAT success using this to teach our boys to read. No frills, gets the job done. One easy lesson after another.

My Boys Loved Copywork

 Occasionally we also use copy-word for extra practice. It is really very simple. Have your child copy simple words and letters. They can work on penmanship as they are learning new letters and words.

My youngest loved to do this. Even before we started any official book work he would walk around the house with a pencil and paper copying the words he would see. I'd find scraps of paper lying around with words like 'Dictionary' printed in his cute little boy scrawl. He had no idea what they spelled but it was great practice just recognizing the shapes of letters.  

I love writing out stuff like this because this little guy is now 12 yrs old!  sigh, they grow up fast!

Get a inexpensive notebook from the store and very neatly and clearly write words that he is familiar with. Let him copy them each day. Start with his name. Then add names of the family or pets. My little guy learned number words by copying them everyday and writing the corresponding number. Sight words like "the, is, was" are learned by copying also.

I'd also write simple sentences pertaining to the books we are reading aloud.

You are reading aloud to your boy right?

Coloring is a great way to improve their hand muscles... but good luck. Not a one of my boys liked to color, much to the dismay of this girl/mom. I LOVED coloring. If you have coloring pages that have trucks, animals, space, trains, planes. Whatever they might be more interested in you may have better luck than I did.

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