Homeschooling Resources for the homeschool parent

Home schooling resources for the parent is just as vital as homeschool materials, curriculum, and schedules for your kids.

I'll start here listing various homeschooling materials directed to educating YOU.Learn about homeschooling style1s or methods, highschool, preschool, scheduling and more.

As a homeschool mom (or dad) I know you want the best for your son. Yes, you should always think about your son and how he learns best. But sometimes we moms forget that we are a big portion of this homeschool as well. Educate yourself about all the options. Consider your own learning style. Understanding the options and opportunities will help you to make wise decisions for your family.

I've explained some of the various homeschooling methods here. But I'm obviously not both a classical homeschool AND an unschooler. This list will include books with more information on these methods.

Here I also offer up books of encouragement to help you through those days when you wonder just what in the world you got yourself into! Practical helps for real life issues. Some will apply to those of us with older kids.Others will apply to those with the younger set. (oh, that is me too!)

A Thomas Jefferson Education, A Thomas Jefferson Education, Classical homeschooling to develop the leadership potential in your sons.

Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens Classical homeschooling to develop the leadership potential in your sons.

A Homeschool Cooperative may be one of the best resources you can find. There is nothing like sitting down with other moms and families and sharing and encouraging each other. From teaching classes to park days. There are all kinds of coops out there.

Educational Homeschooling field trips can vary from a fun picnic outing to organized large co-op groups going on tours of factories, businesses or state capitals. Taking kids on field trips can be fun, exciting and a valuable learning experience.

Books by Ruth Beechick

Do you ever feel inadequate when it comes to being completely responsible for your child's education? I do. Occasionally we begin to doubt ourselves. Ruth Beechick gives us the calm assurance that yes you CAN teach your child.

The Three R's: Ruth Beechick

I had these books when my oldest was around second grade or so. I read them and realized that .... hey! I can do this! I don't need to suffer through all these workbooks and most importantly... my boy is gonna be fine. He is a perfectly normal antsy, squirmy, much rather be out digging in the dirt kind of kid. 

Way back then the books were a series of 3 little booklets. Each one covering different topics. Reading Language and Math. These three booklets have been combined to make this one volume edition. 

Mrs. Beechick goes over ideas and suggestions of how to teach your K-3rd grader with out the need for an excess of workbooks and worksheets. She includes charts and explanations for teaching reading, language and math. 

Copywork and dictation are explained and practical examples of how to incorporate these into your school are included. If you are overwhelmed and your little guy is rebelling at the extensive use of workbooks, look at the ideas and information in these books. It will give you a new way of looking at "school". 

You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully

Geared for children grades 4 and up. Ruth discusses reading comprehension, math skills, the mechanics of writing, and various approaches to spelling and grammar. 

Get insight and encouragement on how you can teach your child and encouragement NOT to compare yourselves to the public school system that you may have grown up in. Homeschool is NOT public school and therefor we don't have to do it their way.

Dr. Beechick's Homeschool Answer Book

I love Ruth Beechick's philosophies. And I love question and answer formats.  You really can get to what people are asking and wondering about.  This book combines both of these attributes.  

It answers real life questions that can be directly applied to our lives.   Things like, what do I do with my little ones, I'm trying to help my older kids.  Or how do I teach multiplication tables.  Are unit studies the way to go?  

A few more favorites

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook

A Creative and Stress Free Approach to Homeschooling
by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore

Someone handed me this book years ago and my first thought was, oh good another book to tell me how to be the perfect homeschooler. The thought was rather discouraging actually. I'd learned long ago that I was for certain NOT perfect. 

To my surprise when I started reading this book I was so encouraged! It gives examples of what a day could look like and encourages you that homeschooling can be a "fun family adventure". 

Helps for:

  • Choosing a curriculum that works for your family style.
  • Avoiding burnout.
  • How to gear your homeschool to your childrens strengths.
  • How to set educational goals. 

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+u+la, Updated

By: Barbara Edtl Shelton 

I go back to this book over and over. For a relaxed delight directed homeschool, I can't say enough about Senior High a Home-Designed Form+U+la, 

Barb has a very chatty style of writing that is easy to read. Be warned thought that she uses an extensive array of exclamation points!!! and happy faces :0) 

But it is FULL of information, forms and encouragement on how to translate your relaxed high school activities into classes. 

Forms that you can photo copy right from the book, put them in a binder and make a plan for your sons high school years.  End the worry that you are doing enough. Stop fussing about whether your diploma is official or not. 

Barb is coming from a strong biblical viewpoint and emphasizes the fact that you are responsible to God first. Yes do what is needed to satisfy the state and then do what is best for YOUR child.

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