Homeschool Curriculum Reviews: Math It

by Sharon

Basic Math-It
By: Elmer W. Brooks

Math It is an elementary math curriculum that uses small flash cards similar to my printable math sheets. Only better.

The cards with Math It are just a bit larger and easier to handle. The best part of the program is the story about little Stevie. In the story little second grade Stevie is learning his math facts. In the process he learns all kinds of trick to make memorizing the facts easy. It is a fun way to introduce tricks and tips. Kids always learn best through stories!

But this program is not just for the little guys. This is a multi age curriculum that can be used up through 8th grade. It includes a guide book that lists all the skills your student should know in each grade from first through eighth.

Included are all math topics... not just math facts. Everything from telling time, money, fractions and other concepts. Each grade has its own chapter exploring the skills taught at that level with teaching suggestions. You could use this one program for your complete math curriculum.

Math It shows how to teach these skills but the program has NO practice sheets or workbook.

For us I find Math It works really well as a drill program to supplement our daily math curriculum.

It is a fun break from workbooks. It also got my son excited that he could learn the math facts so quickly!

If you've used Math It with your kids I'd love to hear what you think. Was it helpful? Click on the comment link at the bottom of the page and let me know.

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