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Homeschool Lesson Plans, Record Keeping and Scheduling

Creating weekly plans is not hard and can make organizing your time easier. I've created 2 different weekly planners to use. A one week planner and the other is 2 weeks planner.

Below are some suggestions on how to use these planners.

Homeschool Lesson Plans - 2 weeks at a time.

Click here to open a printable 2 week homeschool lesson plan template.

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This is my favorite planner. Schedule out 2 weeks of work instead of one. Go ahead and do two of these and have a month scheduled out. If you click on the picture you'll get a pdf version that you can download

It is pretty easy to figure this chart out. Here are a few suggestions and hints.

The top of the page above the actual chart is where you can write in your student's name, the school year, and the weeks this sheet covers. Starting and ending dates.

Down the left side you'll notice the days of the week. There is a blank box just under each day... add the date in that blank box.

Across the top header row write in the subjects or books. In the header row halfway down the page between weeks, go ahead and write in the subjects again. Just keeps things orderly. Then fill in the page numbers or assignments below each subject or book. 

It is helpful to use the far right column for all outside lessons or clubs. That column might include all karate or music lessons or field trips.

For us, the first column is always bible or character studies. I'll include Bible studies, Sunday school, Clubs like AWANA. Books or movies that we read that would be considered character studies.

Next you'll notice a skinny little column. You're probably wondering how in the world a woman is supposed to write anything in there! We used that short row to simply check off when we did our family read alouds together.

We usually have a family read aloud book going but these are very unscheduled. I don't always know how long we will read each day and trying to schedule out how many pages was futile. Now I simply check the box and when we finish the book I record it in each students records. This system works great for us as our read alouds are not always pre-planned.

These weekly lesson plans are handy for the boys to be able to see what is expected each day and cross it off. Often they will work ahead and that is OK by me!

I'll also record unplanned activities after the fact on this sheet. I then record it in our homeschool planning software. Putting it on this sheet is quick and easy. And I have it in writing so I don't forget when I sit down to update our record keeping. Ideally this should be done once a week but..... well.... sometimes it only gets done every couple of weeks, thus the need to be able to conveniently write it all down!

Homeschool Lesson Plans - 1 week at a time.

Click here to open a printable 1 week homeschool lesson plan template.

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This planner is pretty much the same as the first one. Except obviously it is one week at a time. One item I have added is a few lines at the bottom to add in titles of books read during that week.

This is a great feature if you have a prolific reader. It might be hard to impossible to get them to record what they read each day...or for you to keep up with. However just writing down the names of the books they read each week helps you to keep track. You can create a list from these records.

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