A printable planner for the home school mom's schedule.

Mom's Homeschool Organizer. You know how helpful it is to have a lesson plan for the kids to check off their work as it is done. It is motivating for them to see what they have accomplished.

As a busy mom I find it helpful to have a check list too. I am a list person. I've been known to do a chore and then add it to my list just so I can check it off.

I keep this in my homeschool planning binder with my boys schedules. It feels good at the end of a busy day to see all that I've done.

I must confess, I've developed this homeschool organizer sheet for myself... and sometimes I'm not organized enough to use it! I'm sure none of you can relate right?

1 Timothy 5:14b

Manage your home and give the enemy no opportunity for reproach.

I would love for you all to consider me so impressive that I rise every day of the year before all my household, I spend wonderful quiet moments EVERY day, I prepare a scrumptious and nutritious breakfast ready by the deadline I've set for myself.... but then I'd not be a 'real' mom.

I am most definitely a "real" mom and there are days when my "realness" gets in the way of the schedule. But I do have high goals and aims for myself!

If and when I DO stick to the routines I've set up for myself, it is amazing how much more I get done, how much more settled I feel.

I love that old saying.... "Just do the next thing" Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed I forget what the next thing is! This sheet grounds me and gives me my next thing... and the next and the next.

Here is a blank mom's homeschool organizer for you to print and fill in with YOUR priorities. Mom's Weekly Homeschool Organizer

My Mom's Homeschool Organizer looks like this.

homeschool mom organizer

Click on this image and you will see a filled out version with a few of MY priorities and how I've used this to my advantage.

Please remember this is just a snapshot of my day. Yours will probably look totally different.

At the top of the chart there are sections for weekly goals. I've included a verse to help motivate me and reminders for myself what is important.

The day is broken down to routines for morning, afternoon, and evening. Down the left hand side are the tasks done on a daily (or almost daily) basis.

For the mornings I leave room just to check each task off as it is done each day. In the afternoons tasks tend to vary more from day to day. There is space for each task to be filled in.

The evening section is again left with just enough room to make a check mark when each task is done.

Use this planner as a starting off point to come up with a schedule for your day according to your priorities.

Use the back of this sheet as running to do list. Write things down as you notice the need. Cross them off when done. At the end of the week, print up a new schedule and copy over any undone things right on the back of the new sheet.

This routine changes from time to time, with this organizer sheet it is easy to change what needs to be changed for each day.

Remember that this is what my ideal day would look like. Quite often there are things left undone, or I get up late. No Guilt... just go on to the next thing! Now I need to come up with some sort of reward system for when I've checked everything off for the day! Woo Hoo, I love days like that!

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