Homeschool Physical Education 

Homeschool physical education is actually one of the easiest courses to organize for our family. I simply record activities as they happen.  However for people in less active situations than we are it could be your home school physical education activity needs a boost.  You need to make a point of getting your kids active, moving, and make it fun. 

PE Record Keeping

If your state requires counting hours it is pretty easy to simply create a form.  Add in hours and activities as they happen.  For the younger boys I don’t worry about hours (we don’t have to report time for each subject) I just want them active and involved in life.  When the boys get to highschool I start counting those hour and we have enough credit hours.

Here is a simple form I created.  Use it or adapt one to meet your needs.  I’d suggest one each month, then tally up your hours for the month. Set goals for each month if you have state requirements.  

What is Homeschool Physical Education?  For our family, it is learning about the health of our physical bodies.

I want our boys to learn to love an active healthy lifestyle. I want them to understand healthy eating habits, as well as what their bodies need to be healthy. Cleanliness, Getting enough sleep, stress reduction, whatever deals with living a healthy lifestyle.

Once you decide the ultimate goals, the details of what activities to include seem to fall into place.

What are your home school physical education goals?   Is it to excel at a specific sport? Focus on that sport, study methods, history and obviously participate on a team or league.

Is it to have an understanding of general physical health, including weight, diet, strength, etc.  Nutrition could be a part of your homeschool Physical Education. But as important as that knowledge getting your kids involved is vital.  

Methods of teaching Home school Physical Education

Playing Organized Sports. 

If your homeschool kids are hard to motivate then you need to take action.  Group activities are the easiest way to get than reluctant child moving.  The obvious activity is any sport league your sons may participate in.  This is pretty self-explanatory. Little league, baseball, foot ball, wrestling, basketball.  Any of these will work.

Keep track of practice and game or class time. Add it up. Put it on your transcript as Homeschool Physical Education.

Group Lessons
Swimming lessons, Being safe in the water is the number one reason to teach kids to swim. Kids should know how to swim well enough to stay afloat if they should ever fall into water. Read more here..swimming.

Karate, Our homeschool Physical Education courses tend to be more individual sports and activities. One of my sons enjoyed Karate classes for some time... then he discovered Jiu Jitsu. It fit him perfectly. He purchased some video courses and worked through them at home on his own schedule. For him, it worked.  He was motivated enough to set a schedule for himself and work through the course.  Read more here... Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Remember the goal is a kid who is not only actively excersizing his body, but who enjoys it as well. 

Living an active lifestyle as a family.
Each of my boys have taken part in organized sports at one time or another.  They have participated in both baseball and soccer.  But not every year and not all at one time.   Our family focuses more on individual sports; karate, gymnastics, shooting sports, snow boarding. For us having kids of different ages on different teams and running around was just not going to work.

Go hiking, exploring, ice skating skiing, hunting (lots of hiking while hunting) The list could go on. Any physical activity that your kids participate in. Keep a list and the hours will add up.
You might track trips to the park. Trips to the bike path. Hiking trips. (Uhhhhm can you tell we like to hike?)

Physical rough housing and games with dad and/or brothers are a must!and yes, you can count it for home school physical education.  The hardest part is recording it. (only if you need to though)

Here is a game my oldest son brought home with him on his last visit. For this game all you need is boys, a deck of cards, and a space on the floor for each boy to exercise without running into each other.
Link --------

Personal Strength Training
For boys especially as they enter the teen years they really start noticing when muscles are growing (or not growing!) It is a good idea to have them set individual goals for themselves.

Daily physical activity makes for a much happier boy!  I've created a record keeping and goal setting worksheet for this.  Read more on how we do that here....


We have almost daily discussion of healthy eating habits. This is also a great addition to your home school physical education course.  When you say "eat your veggies!" tell them why. What are carrots good for? Why we should not live on peanut butter and jelly.

We garden, can and produce much of our foods ourselves which provides a natural learning experience for our kids. If you can't garden for yourselves. Try to make it to a farmers market in your area. At least a time or two. Your children will learn where their food comes from. Discuss the foods you buy at the grocery store. Look at ingredients with your kids.

For older kids if they have a strong interest it could be developed into a high school elective credit class all on its own.

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