Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Scheduling in a Notebook or Binder

Create your own homeschool planner to store all your schedules and lists in one place. Schedules, grades, papers to grade, book lists, table of contents, teachers keys.

A sturdy and organized notebook is a homeschool moms best friend! Ours has been nicknamed the "Teacher Book"

The Teacher Book

homeschool planner notebook

A homeschool planner is a great way to keep everything together in one place. Buy a large 3 ring notebook, some sturdy dividers with pockets, and regular dividers. You now have everything you need to efficiently keep all scheduling sheets, papers and other misc in one place.

I like to use a binder with a clear plastic cover. You can slide in a picture you like. Reminder lists. I have a paper where I've written down favorite encouraging verses. Stuff to remind me what is important.

This binder will have 3 sections

Weekly Schedules or Checklists

homeschool planner weekly checklist section

In the front of your homeschool planner will be the boys weekly lesson plans. I have a regular divider (no pockets)with each boys name. Behind that divider each week I place their individual schedules. The current week is always on top. Now... they can't claim that they "just don't know what to do"! Never heard that before?

This keeps the most often used portion of the planner in the front of the binder. The boys stuff is readily available and they are not shuffling through everything each time they need to know what pages they should be reading today.

Student Dividers

After this section I have a sturdy divider with pockets for each student. In these pockets I place any completed worksheets, tests, coloring pages or other papers that I need to grade or want to keep track of.

Every so often (once a week is ideal) I go through and grade everything, I'll make sure anything that needs to be recorded in our record keeping software has been taken care of. I'll file that paper work for each boy and clean out the teacher book.

In each section I also 3 hole punch any blank worksheets, tests or paperwork that they will need to complete in the near future. Now when they are scheduled for that math test, the boys know it will be in their section in the "teacher book".

homeschool planner sturdy pocket dividers
student tests or papers to keep track

Teachers Section

After the students section is a teachers section. Here is where you can keep any teachers keys that will fit.

Place a pocket folder in here as well. Keep brochures for activities you have attended, or would like to attend. Keep lists of books you want to pick up. Movies you want to get from the library.

Anything that YOU may need but the boys don't need to bother with.

Quick Tip

Print off the table of contents for your history texts. Jot down the names of books you find or hear about that are related to the text, noting them next to the corresponding chapter. Then you'll have the list handy and be able to assign the book at a time when they are studying that topic.

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