Homeschool Record Keeping Software

Homeschool scheduling on the computer can be a helpful tool.  Homeschool record keeping software is a great way to keep organized.If you are computer savy and like having it all in electronic format there are programs built to help you organize. 

I've used tracking programs off and on throughout the years.  Lately I've gone back to mostly just paper and pencil.  But there have been years where Edu-track saved my sanity. 

Use these programs to plan ahead of time.... or use them to record what has happened as it happens. I am familiar with 2 programs. Edu-track and Homeschool Tracker. I'll compare my experiences here. 

Edu-Track my review

 I've used a homeschool record keeping program called Edu-Track for many years. It has worked great for my family. However it is not without a learning curve and there is a cost involved.

I purchased this program years ago. It has been updated several times and has improved in value each time.


My favorite feature of this program is the ability to print out homeschool schedules in a calendar format. Every thing for the week is on one page. I love to being able to see what I've scheduled out by the week instead of in a list format by the day.

Edu-track also has pre-made schedules for many curriculums. These have been submitted by home schoolers actually working with the program so I imagine they are easy to use. I have not used any of these myself so I can't tell you from personal experience.

Edu-track sells these schedules as an additional convenience. Instead of having to type in each and every day and assignment, you can purchase the schedule and download it. Input your dates and your school year is set up.


I must say I am not thrilled with the customer service of Edu-Track. They have a forums, but again I'm not thrilled with it. The company does not always respond and it is not very active.

They do updates to the program occasionally for bug fixes and such. There is no charge for the updates. They also have occasional upgrades . These upgrades add extra features, but there is a charge to upgrade. I've upgraded once... otherwise I don't need many bells and whistles and have been satisfied.

The program is designed to enable you to record EVERTYTHING in one place.  From book lists, to daily schedules to field trips and testing results. Even things like chore lists can be automatically generated. 

With the ability to print out diplomas this can be used for homeschool record keeping from kindergarten to highschool. 

Homeschool Tracker review

I am also somewhat familiar with a popular homeschool record keeping software called Homeschool Tracker. This program was made by homeschoolers and has a free version.  I have not used it myself other than to download the free version and try it out.


Homeschool Tracker has many features......grading, transcripts, scheduling, book lists, chore lists. My favorite is..... Upgrades are free to those who already own the program. One purchase is all you need.

I've heard rave reviews and have not seen anyone who dislikes the program.  If I did not already have Edu-Track... I'd be using Homeschool Tracker.  


Now this could just be me..... but I thought I'd like to go ahead and try out the full version of Homeschool Tracker.  So I purchased it.  Unfortunately when I went to set up a schedule for one of my teens classes.... I could NOT figure out how to do it!  It could be that since I've been using Edu-trac for so many years that I just need to learn a new method.

I DO build websites so I consider myself somewhat computer savy. I really wanted to make this work, but it frustrated me too much and I simply went back to good ol paper and pencil. 

I tried asking on Homeschool Trackers facebook page for help but did not get any responses.

So now I don't know how I can honestly recommend this to you.  I loved the looks of it.  I like that homeschoolers developed it.  Like I said I've only seen positive remarks... but it did not work for me.  So there you go.  LOL 

In conclusion

Because of all the positive reviews I see for Homeschool Tracker,  if I did not already have Edu-track I'd probably be using Homeschool Tracker.   Edu-track was the only homeschool record keeping program available way back in the dark ages when I purchased it. At least the only one I found.

Edu-track has it's quirks, but it has worked well for me for many years.  Homeschool Tracker is highly reviewed... but I couldn't make it even schedule ONE class. Though I do highly suspect user issues.

I guess my final opinion's a tie!  How's that for a non-referral. 

Ah well.... I AM being honest.  :) 

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