Homeschool Scheduling

Ideas for Record Keeping, Home School Planner, Notebook, Organizer.

Homeschool scheduling is an issue you will deal with every year. Schedules change as life circumstances change. It is imperative that you have a plan, but to keep your sanity make it a flexible plan.

"Is it bad that I have one week under my belt

and I have a question about taking a break?!"

I saw this question posted in a home school forum. I had to laugh a bit when I read it. And even though it was intended to be humorous, taking a break occasionally is important. Consistency is too... you need to find the balance.

Coming up with a homeschool schedule gets easier as you gain experience with what works for your family. I've included examples here of various scheduling ideas. Through my years of experience I've found that a relaxed form of homeschooling works best for us however....

Habakkuk 1:2

Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables
(a notebook works!)
that he may run that reads it.

I've also found that sanity and relaxed days become much more common when my boys know what to expect, and I know what to enforce. Thus some sort of a plan or schedule is important.

As boys get older it helps to let them be a part of that scheduling. They will feel a sense of accomplishment and control of their days.

Develop a Yearly Homeschool Schedule Out of necessity our yearly schedule is a flexible one... but if I at least have a plan it keeps us on track. If you have a basic idea of how your year will go, you will be able to plan your curriculum around that and around your family routines.

Weekly Home School Lesson Plans A weekly planner keeps things organized and moving along.

Daily Home School Schedule or Routine This can look very structured. A day with specific starting and ending times for each activity. Or it can be a flexible routine that changes a bit from day to day.

Homeschool Organizer for the mom too. I need a daily routine for mom too! Here is the schedule/planner that I developed for myself. It is basically a weekly to do list.

Homeschool Planner Notebook A notebook organizer is a homeschool moms best friend.

Homeschool Record Keeping Planning SoftwareLove to stay organized on the computer? Planning software may be just the thing for you. Edu-Track and Homeschool Tracker are two such programs.

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