Is Homeschooling Online Right for Your Student?

There are dozens of reasons a family might look at homeschooling online.

Are you wondering how you are going to teach upper level math? Does Chemistry put shivers up your spine? You could just buckle down and learn it with him.... after all this is high school. You are an adult and if your boy can learn it by golly so can you! But wait... do you have younger kids that you are still teaching? Do you have time for teaching, learning, laundry, dishes, meals and still keep sanity?

Perhaps you have a teen who needs more challenge. You have been teaching your guy for a long time now and have come to the conclusion.... he is beyond you! High school courses online might be the ticket.

You are a single mom or a working mom and the time is just not there. Homeschooling online just might save your homeschool.

Homeschooling online, consider the following.

Self-Discipline - Distance learning allows flexibility, but requires more self-discipline, and self-motivation. If your student needs outside motivation in other areas of life, don't expect online homeschooling to be different.

Learning style - Online homeschooling works best with visual learners, who have excellent reading and writing skills. Students work primarily from written instructions, and lessons are primarily written assignments.

Interactivity - Some classes offer immediate online chat help. Others may take days to answer email questions. Do your research. Be sure the program you choose will offer the support you need.

Technical Skills - In addition to an up-to-date computer with high speed internet access, your student will need good word processing skills, and confidence in downloading software, and computer troubleshooting. On the plus side, if your student lacks in any of these areas it will be a crash course. Be sure you or someone will be available to help in the event he needs it.

Some possibilities

High School Courses Online.
Are you interested in 1 or 2 high school courses online? You just want to supplement what he is already doing at home. Classes that will cover those difficult upper level classes. Possibly find some tutoring in a specific area.

Online Home School Programs
Or are you looking for full online home school programs that include all high school courses and issue diplomas and transcripts?

Free Homeschooling Online
Many sites offer free classes, with no record-keeping or teacher support. If you're confident with your student's learning skills, that may be the way to go. If you want full support, outside of the system, expect to pay nearly the cost of a private classroom school.

Government sponsored online homeschool classes.
Public school systems also offer online classes, for free or minimal cost. Be sure you read the fine print if you choose one of these programs. You are NOT considered a homeschool. You will not be following home school law you will be a public alternative school.

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