How to Homeschool

Homeschooling styles and methods

How to homeschool!? That is a question that could take a lifetime to explore. In fact, it may take you a lifetime of learning with your own children to figure out just exactly how it is done. And then you'll find out more.  The learning goes on as your life changes and your children grow. 

Homeschooling is a journey.. You learning right along with your children Your homeschooling practices, methods and habits will change with your family. As your family and children grow and mature your needs and personalities will require different approaches to learning.

It is impossible for anyone to give you a step by step, do exactly this and your children will turn out perfect plan. I'd love to be able to enthusiastically say with my best radio announcer voice "download this amazing free list and you will have the perfect homeschool!"

I can't do that, but this page is a great place to start looking at the options. Below are several different homeschooling methods or style's. One of them may fit perfectly for your family and your children or you may  be more like me and blend in a mix.

 Two things to remember when deciding how to homeschool for your boy:

  • Always consider the personality and learning style of your child. How does he learn best? Does he love to read? Literature based may be the way to go. Are they very arts and crafts or project oriented? Look at unit studies.

  • Just as important as the student, what is the personality and teaching style1 of the teacher? Do you have the energy to plan our all your own studies and keep up with all the other mommy/wife duties you may have? Would you be better off with a pre-planned study, or would following preplanned activities for someone else drive you crazy. You are brimming with ideas and would rather go with the flow.

Remember this may change from season to season of life .

I've included below and list fo Homeschool methods and styles.  Remember that many of these will overlap. After you've read through and familiarized yourself with these methods, you will hopefully realize that homeschoolers cover all ends of the spectrum. We are not a well defined bunch of cookie cutter people.

Your family priorities and your family dynamics will affect your educational methods. And the best part is.... you can change your methods with different seasons of life.

I want to dispel one myth.... there is no such thing as a "perfect homeschool" Even in my own little world I have homeschooling friends who use many methods of teaching our children.

You need to find out the best fit for your family.


5 Steps to get you started. 

  • Check out the legal requirements in your state. (or country if you are out of the US)
  • Determine what style of homeschooling will (or might) work best for your children. What type of learners are they? Self motivated? Love to read? Hate to read? Love to build things? Learn best by doing?
  • Determine what style of teacher you are. This is an important step that many overlook. You are the base of this homeschool. Your methods need to fit you as well as your children.
  • Determine your budget and find homeschool materials that will fit within that budget. Cost of homeschooling can vary from free - to thousands of dollars.
  • Determine your schedule. Yearly, weekly and daily.

A short list of Possible Homeschool Methods

Traditional Homeschool Textbooks A more traditional looking school based around traditional graded texts. Sometimes referred to as "school at home".

Homeschool Online Homeschooling Online is an option for many families. This can be a complete curriculum with all subjects done in an online class or individual classes can be taken to fill in areas that are not completed with other materials or methods.

Homeschool Unit Studies In this method all students study a single topic together, yet at separate, appropriate levels of work. In addition almost all subjects will revolve around that same single topic of study.

Classical Homeschooling A rigorous form of education based around teaching the Trivium. The Trivium has 3 parts determined around the age and maturity of each child. 

Unschooling A child centered method that believes a child's natural love of learning and need for knowledge will develop best if left alone and encouraged. All learning is self motivated. The parents role is a encourager.

Literature Based-Curriculum  How to homeschool with real "living books". Reading good literature is the center of learning and other subjects naturally follow that direction.

Eclectic An eclectic homeschool family will pick and choose from many style1s. Using traditional textbooks for some subjects and going less traditional for others.

Our family has discovered that after 16 yrs of eclectic educational methods... classical is a good fit for us.  Read more about how to homeschool with  Classical Conversations here. 

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