by Paolini

Inheritance Book 4 Of Christopher Paolini's epic tale of a boy named Eragon in the land of Alageasia. Christopher Paolini has had an amazing career as an author of books that are read around the world in many different languages. His other books include Eragon, Eldest, Brisnger, and a few other books on Alageasia. His books are read avidly by adults and youth alike. When the last book Inheritance came out the expectations were great. So hold on and we will dive in to a fantasy world of dragons and magic.

Our book takes place in the land of Alageasia where a crazed dragon rider named Galbatorix has become king and is oppressing the inhabitants of the land then a group named the Varden rises to challenge his rule with the Varden is a young dragon rider named Eragon who, with his blue dragon Saphira hope to destroy the king and return peace to the land. Helping the Varden are the elves, dwarves, and were-cats. Eragon's half brother is a dragon rider serving under the king though reluctantly because the king has used magic to control him. Eragon also has an eldunari a heart-of-hearts of a dragon named Gleadr. A heart-of-hearts is a place where a dragon goes when its body dies, while in the eldunari the deceased dragon can lend wisdom and magical aid to the person who possesses it. Right now the king has many eldunari under his control so Eragon must find more eldunari or another way to get massive amounts of power, and the Varden are attacking  the kings cities one by one quickly making their way towards the capitol Uru-baen, the city they are attacking presently is Dras-Leona.

The conflict is that Eragon needs to find away into Dras-Leona to open the gates of the city to let the main army of the varden in, so himself, an elf, a magic-wielding herbalist Angela, a were-cat Solembum, and his sweetheart elf Arya, explore a tunnel that goes into the very heart of the city where they get attacked by priests that worship the repulsive Raz-zac. Long story short they kill the priests open the city gates and capture the city. Then they march towards Uru-Baen to once and for all destroy the king. While on the way Eragon leaves on a hunch that some words a were-cat spoke to him will guide him to a slew of eldunari. The were-cats wisdom proved true, Eragon not only found eldunari but also dragon eggs.

Equipped with the eldunari Eragon returns to the varden who finally reach Uru-Baen and lay siege to it. Eragon his twelve elven guards, Arya, and Elva, a child whose powers include being able to feel the pain of others before they actually experience the pain, challenge Galbatorix in his very throne room. There an epic fight ensues and the king kills himself and Eragon's brother, Murtagh is freed from the kings power. Then Arya takes on of the dragon eggs and becomes dragon rider and queen of the elves after her mother and former queen dies in battle. At the end of the book Eragon leaves Alageasia with the eldunari and other dragon eggs to train a new league of riders.

This book was a perfect ending to the epic tale of Eragon and Alageasia. The author really outdid himself on this one and he hinted at the fact that there might be more books coming out. The world is in suspense until then!

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