Life Skills Curriculum

Life skills curriculum is one way of teaching your boy about the real world that he will eventually be a part of. There is so much more to a good education than reading writing and math. 

After all even a super smart kid who can memorize presidents, dates, and all the important scientific facts, needs to live in this world.

All the knowledge in this world will do him no good without the wisdom of how to use it. This is the spot where I'll start collecting articles about curriculum and activities to help you grow your son into a man.

I'd love to hear your stories too. I've included an area below (scroll down just a bit) where you can tell about teaching your boys a skill, or just a fun story about when they learned something important. Let's share.

What happens when he can't balance a checkbook?

What if he can't communicate with others?

Leadership skills are incredibly important in a mans life. That doesn't mean I'm training my sons to be leaders of huge corporations but I believe this world is in need of strong men who know their own minds and are willing to step away from the crowd and lead.

Teach them to be self reliant. Boys especially need to know how to build things, safely handle knives, dare I say it...weapons? Gun safety is important for everyone.

Yes even those boys need to learn to cook and clean for themselves. I must admit to being weak in this area. Even my oldest son, now grown says that I should have taught him to cook!

Teach them to be good workers and income earners. I believe one of the greatest attributes a man can have is the desire to take care of his family and the responsible nature to do so at all costs.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of this country. Teach your sons to take thier knowledge and passions and make it come to life.

Life Skills Curriculum I recommend

Personal Finance for teens click for our ideas and methods of teaching this important topic.

Money and financial responsibility is something everyone, not just the boys, need to learn about. Learn how to get out of debt and teach your teens to stay out of debt in the first place. Learn about investing, budgeting, frugal shopping, buying a car, credit ratings and more. Of course the most important teaching is by example and discussion. But there are good books and curriculum to help you out.

The Truth Project

A biblical worldview is one of the most important things we can give our sons. Teach them what this means.  Teach them how to interpret what the world will try to tell them.  We all see the world through a world view, make sure your sons know this fact and teach them to interpret the world through the lens of the bible.  

The Truth Project is a video series I'd recommend for mature teens. Not because of anything offensive (it is a great program) but simply because it is not geared to entertain.

Many segments are very entertaining... and intriguing.  It is developed to make you think. 

The Truth Project includes clips from experts, and the most interesting interviews of people from many world view backgrounds. You will learn about how people view the world... the goal of the series is to get you to look at the world around you with new eyes... and it works. 

My 15 and 16 yo sons watched this with me.   I had to require it.  It is not as if they were just chomping at the bit to sit down and watch with me.  But it was totally worth it.  As we watched I got great reactions and questions from them. I know they learned from it. This would be great for a high school youth group study.

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