Addition and multiplication games for basic drills

These are simple printable math sheets for basic addition and multiplication practice drills. Use them to supplement your curriculum. Use these printable sheets in your homeschool to learn both addition and multiplication math facts.

Math Facts Practice sheets

Addition Facts

Multiplication Facts

There are 2 pages for each drill. Each is a full page chart with all the math facts for addition or multiplication. One has answers, the other is all the facts with no answers.

Suggested ways to use these math sheets

Print these on different color card stock. Light colors are the best. For example print the addition pages on a light blue and light green. Then do the multiplication in a light purple and tan. This makes sorting your cards easy when they get mixed up. If your boys are using them... they will get mixed up!

Use this math skills printable organizer. to organize which math facts to work on first. Work your way down the list and you will cover all the facts through the 12's.

Cut out the chart with no answers into individual tiny math flash cards. Students can then do math drills by placing these cards with the answers on the correct space on the sheet with the answers. Start with adding zero, 1 and 2. Those are the easy ones. Gradually add math facts until they are all being practiced.

The theory is that by repeatedly looking at the problem with the answer will implant the "picture" in his brain.

After some practice start timing your son placing the cards. Do drills with a variety of sets. For instance work on only the doubles, then add + 3's until they become easy then add the +5's. Work up to "blackout", which includes all the problems. Keep track of times and see how they improve.

Mini Math Flash cards

Another way to use the cards is as regular flash cards. Only in a miniature version. Cut out the cards with no answers write the answers on the back and you have mini cards to practice with. If you use a marker to write the answers on the back of the cards, check to be sure the ink does not bleed through to the other side.

Make up your own math games.

My boys like making their own games. I'd give them file folders some extra paper colored pencils and other arts items. They would spend hours drawing out a board for their game, cutting out pieces, and formulating rules. I still have these folders in a crate. I had to keep reminding myself that using up all those perfectly good file folders was so good for thinking skills! Homeschool is so fun!

Let them use these mini flash cards as pieces for their game.... You might be surprised with what they come up with.

Play it for a while. When the games get old... put the cards away and pull it out again later. Use a zip lock baggy for easy storage for just the sheets. You could also get a file box and place all pieces right in the board and file away. Easy.

f you think this method will work well with your son you should take a look at Math It. It is a math curriculum that uses cards similar to the ones I've printed up here. The best part is the story about Little Stevie and the tricks he learns for memorizing math facts.

This curriculum is not just math facts it also includes suggestions for all the math skills necessary for Kindergarten throaugh eighth grade. A Scope and Sequence with teaching suggestions.

Math Pictures Drawing Page

Math Pictures

I created these printable math sheets after looking at Memory Joggers. Use this blank form to draw sound alike pictures for all the math facts. If you have an art loving, story telling homeschool boy he may like to draw his own pictures and come up with his own stories.

If you don't want a do it yourself program, check out Memory Joggers. Use stories and visuals to help your guys learn their math facts. Stories and math pictures are already done for you. Your student simply learns the story and sound alike words to practice and memorize.

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