Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

by Sharon

I've used this book to teach 3 of my boys to read in combination with the Explode the Code Series.

This book takes an unusual approach that worked well with my boys. It gives visual clues as to how letters are pronounced. For instance letter combinations like 'sh' 'th' and 'ch'. When introduced these letters will be physically connected. The 't' runs over to the 'h'. As the lessons move on and your child has practiced and recognized those combinations the visual clues are gradually removed.

Same with long vowel sounds. The traditional dash over the letter indicating the long vowel sound in the beginning of the book and gradually eliminated.

As I teach my boys to read we do talk about the 'rules' like the silent e at the end of a word makes the first vowel say it's name. The visual clues in combination with our discussion has worked a charm.

I also use the Explode the Code series in conjunction with 100 Easy Lessons. The combination of the two series compliments each other well. Occasionally one book will be teaching something that the other has not touched on yet, but that has not been a problem. Then when the other book introduces that same sound combination... my boy is excited because.... "he already knew that!"

By the end of the book your child will be reading at a good second grade level. Then watch out. Keep him supplied with good fun books and let him go.

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