A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens

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A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens is a book on leadership education.  I've heard it referred to as TJE.  It is simply a form of classical homeschooling focused on  develop the leadership potential in your sons.

The book for teens is the guide book you can hand to your teen to fuel a vision for his education. I highly recommend YOU read this before your teen!

  • What are your goals for your homeschool?
  • What are your teens goals?

How much easier it would be if your teen were as motivated to teach himself, as you are for him to learn and grow. This book encourages teens to think about more than themselves. It encourages them to think about the future and the education they will need to succeed in their future.

This book majors on teaching kids to think. Leaders is what we will need in our next generations. This book lays it all out for your teens and challenges them to be the leaders of the future.

A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens is a companion book to A Thomas Jefferson Education (TJED).

Literature and mentor based education

Literature based education... I believe it is the best way to go. Oliver DeMille agrees.

Teaching my sons to think for themselves has always been my main goal. Again Oliver DeMille agrees.

The 4 phases of learning that we need to go through are briefly described in TJE for teens.  Then the book goes more in depth on the scholar and depth phase that is pertinent to teens and adults.

  • The Core Phase - ages 0-8
  • The Love of Learning Phase - ages 8-12
  • The Scholar Phase - ages 12-16
  • The Depth Phase - ages 16-22

There is a 100 book list of recommended books that all adults should read. And a method of study for those books. This is the part that is practical and helpful. With this simple method you and your teen have a way to proceed.

There are 3 levels of study.

  • Choose a book and read it.
  • Write notes in the margins, underline things!
  • Discuss the book with someone.Teach the book to someone.

The discussion form of study can also be in the form of writing, which you then share with a mentor who will give feedback.

Remember....not all these steps, will be completed with all the books on the list. Read them all and pursue steps 2 and 3 with the books that intrigue you and make you want to learn more.

Some other topics in A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens:

  • Mentors. The value of having someone to learn from. Someone to challenge and encourage.
  • Love. Encouragement to live a full life of love for others and love of learning.

Scholar Phase age 12-16

This book describes the scholar phase. It tells why it applies to the teen and suggestions as to how to start through their own scholar phase. The hours that the book recommends for study are astronomical! It is important for our teens to make an effort to study and learn.

This part of the book could be a bit less intimidating if they'd emphasize more about the non-book learning that can be included in the number of hours of learning recommended. Yes our boys should read WAY more than they do. But there are other types of learning as well.

Cycles of History

This book also goes over cycles in history and the repetitive nature of our civilizations. It teaches that the next generation is going to need to develop strong family bonds. (Loving that part) and will need to be more entrepreneurial minded. (still loving it!)

Fitting in will be less important and being truly happy with who you are will be vitally important through hard times. Challenging times ahead could be a season of great opportunity if you are prepared for it. Be optimistic, be prepared be a leader. Improve the world around you and make your mark.

Remember it is a companion book

A Thomas Jefferson Education for teens is the companion book to  A Thomas Jefferson Education.

I highly recommend reading both.  Don't skip the main book.  It explains leadership educational philosophy in more detail. Leaders is what we will need in our next generations.

Will the homeschool education we are giving our children develop leaders? Or followers? Someone willing to take a stand? Or someone who wants to go with the easiest route available.

The book starts out asking the question. "Is a mediocre education enough?" Then challenges us that "We must do better." Give your students true leadership education and training.

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