The Ultimate Geography
and Timeline Guide.... our review

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide Review, this book makes lesson plans easy.

I purchased this just a few weeks ago because it boasts a highschool level geography lesson plan. 

I got so much more than I bargained for! This is the best resource I've seen for homeschool geography.

I was looking for an easy geography lesson plan.... I got tips, teaching tips, timeline figures, maps AND easy geography lesson plans. 

Can't beat it. 

Teaching Helps, Across the Curriculum

Click on the images below and they will open larger.  Preview the pages and see what is included. 

 The first section is "Just the Basics Please"  This section has great teaching tips to incorporate geography into other subjects. 

It goes over geography in unit studies, learning style's, how to set up a student notebook and more.  

It also includes printable activities and ideas.

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide also has a "Yearly Guide for the Less than Confident"  This is a simple chart of skills and topics to cover in each grade level and page numbers in the book with corresponding activities.

I appreciated the explanations of types of atlases, outline maps and tips on how to use them.

There is a very cool geography refresher course. What you need to know to teach geography.  This starts with very basic geography terms to information that will help as you study. 

Do you know the 5 themes of Geography??? No?  It's ok I didn't either.

This section is for you the teacher and is a part of the highschool level geography study (more on this below).  It even has a quiz if you feel the need.  :)

Geography Facts to Memorize

This section contains printable flash cards of geography terms that can be used for memorization.   Sixty four terms like aquifer, bay, canyon, fjord, escarpment.  Some are very basic but I didn't even know some of these.

I also loved the Good Stuff to Know by Heart section.  This has various geography facts that can be memorized.  Things like the seven continents, largest lakes, states and capitals, water facts.

Geography Lesson Plans

Then comes the "Just Geography" section.  This is where the step by step lesson plans for middle school and high school students is explained.

Includes continent fact files, country closeups and an "I didn't know that!" section.

The cool thing is these are two separate plans.  Not just one plan with the encouragement to "adapt as you need

Although I'm great at "adapting" curriculum to fit my boys, I appreciated the clear step by step plans.  It made my planning super easy.

So easy in fact I've included a copy here.  We combined geography with english to do double duty.  Click here for our  free geography lesson plan and see what I mean. 


After this comes a section of blank outline maps. If you don't want to use the book to make copies you can get a CD version of the maps.

If you are looking for outline maps I also highly recommend Uncle Josh's Outline maps CD.  Made by the same folks there is every map you can possibly think of you'll find on this CD.

Timeline Material

Last is a timeline section.  This has explanations of types of timelines how to start them.  Some sample pages and games for using a timeline.  

Then comes the reproducible timeline figures.  This has a large selection of figures for various historical events and people. 

There are also game cards to print for a trivia type game to play. 

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